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Our friends at the Muslim Network for Baha’i Rights have released an interactive timeline of the persecution of the Baha’is in Iran. It “documents violations that have been perpetrated against Baha’is in the past 30 years, from executions, to arrests, expulsions and desecration. It will function as a living record of the atrocities that have been committed, and are a reminder of the heavy toll of silence in the face of grave human rights abuses.”

To browse through the timeline more conveniently, we encourage you to view it in full screen mode. You can also view the timeline in the form of a list, a flipbook or a map.

Get Involved

(BahaiRights) Although we strove to be as thorough as possible, we are aware that our timeline is not comprehensive. Many incidents are not reported, or are insufficiently documented, and so we ask you to collaborate with us in completing the timeline. Whether you have a personal story that you wish to add, or wish to provide further details on a recorded incident, submit your account to us and we will be sure to update the timeline accordingly.


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