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Reliable sources have informed Iran Press Watch that yesterday, Monday, March 9, all the Yaran and other Baha’i prisoners were allowed to have their relatives visit them in prison. All Baha’i prisoners appeared in good health.

Iranian authorities have asked for sureties in the form of property to be placed with the court before they would release 5 Baha’i young adults. These sureties have been prepared and most of the administrative steps with the judiciary have been completed. It is expected that the following five Baha’is will be released tomorrow (Wednesday, March 11): Aziz Samandari, Nima Haqar, Jinous Subhani, Didar Raufi, and Payam Aghsani.


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  1. sb

    March 10, 2009 7:55 pm

    I am so happy for the familes of the five young adults Baha’si to be released. It is good to hear this news. We are thinking of the other prisoners night and day and ask God to provide for their safety.

  2. V.T

    March 11, 2009 1:18 pm

    what a great news! i wonder if you mean all bahai prisoners in iran or just those who are in Tehran?

  3. Mario Larose

    March 11, 2009 2:02 pm

    Thanks God that our prayers will bring The Iran Authority to see these problems with a justice eye. And hope all Baha’i friends will be free soon

    Really its a wonderful news, thanks

  4. A H

    March 11, 2009 6:49 pm

    Iran has a very ancient culture of hospitality toward all the peoples of the world from various races, cultures and religions. I’m sure these things are caused by misunderstandings. Iranians don’t have religeous intolerance. If we had, how could we justify in front of God and Aemmeh our trade and cultural exchanges with 2.5 billion Buddists of China and India and south east Asia. There is no mention of them in our contitution or our Holy Book. Does that mean we should consider them impure? Never. Iran is open to business and we desire trade with everyone. The action of a few opportunists who want to make a name for themselves is not the
    action of the Iranian nation.

    The Bahais of Iran have done nothing to harm our great nation. In fact they have contributed to it as all records show. Just like we have come to the conclusion that we can not rule Iran entirely on Quran and have had to create our laws and constitution to enable us to develop our society and trade, shake hands, sleep and work with billions of people around the world who are not mentioned in our Holy Book, we will also have to sooner or later acknowledge the same for all faiths and religeous groups whether they are in our books or not. It is in our great tradition to do that and I’m sure it will be done with Bahais, Suffis and all other religions in Iran.

    Can you imagine the damage to our prestiege, if this issue that because someone or something is not mentioned in our books or constitution we have to jail them or kill them would do to our prestiege with our trading partners to the north and east who are not mentioned in our Holy Quran? That is why our leaders who desire
    betterment for our great and ancient nation and culture have to draw the line against these acts of a few who have never travelled beyond the borders of their towns and enlighten them to the facts of modern age that ethnic or religeous persecution of any kind is against the tradition of our great nation.

    The American President Abraham Lincoln ended the slavery in his country 2300 years after Korosh Kabir had ended it in Persia. I’m sure our leaders who desire to maintain our standing in the world in particular with our trading partners around the world who come from sects we have yet to hear from will do the right thing for our Iranian nation and heritage and announce and implement laws that will not hinder our great republic’s progress forward. Like I said, these actions against Bahais and others are carried out by a handful of small minded people who through their actions and interpretation have caused our great nation embarrassment around the world and are causing concerns with our trading partners to the East as it has become a concern for them too as what do we intend to do with their population who are not mentioned in our Holy Quran or our constitution? They want to know not whether we are going to kill them or not because they are not mentioned in Holy Quran and our constitution but when?

    So my humble suggestion to our esteemed leaders is to end this medieval discussion and persecution and establish our great nations standing in the world by silencing the few that are causing this embarrassment for our great nation’s prestige and announce the implemetation of Korosh Kabir’s laws of religeous and ethnic and cultural freedom and move beyond this issue and hijab and other things that are damaging our great nation’s prestiege and standing in the world and our erroding our credability with our trading partners in east and north as well as countries in Africa and South America that have their own home grown religions and traditions dating back tens of thousands of years who are neither mentioned in our Holy Quran nor in our constitution. We desire peace and progress and so one of our
    leaders’ job is to not let this handful of narrow minded dinosaurs to contineously fan the flame of their religeous hatred towards non-Shiias so they can gain control of a few seats in the Majlis or in Shora and fill their pockets with money.

    I thank the people who released these innocent people, and hope that the remainder be freed as well before norooz so that we can get along with building our country based on its true tolerance for all and not let these misunderstandings by a handful few damage our great nation’s standing and economic prestige in the world.

    Thank You and Happy Norooz to everyone.
    I hope you publish this. I know it is long but I just wanted to bring to the attention of our esteemed leaders that the action of a few bad apples are damaging the Moslims as well. We are all Iranians and if one of us gets hurt, we all fill the pain. Especially when its carried out by people who use their position in power to suppress and kill others over religion so they can get a few extra vote in the Majlis or Shora or other institutions in the government. We need to announce freedom of religion and move beyond these road blocks that hinders our progress and keep up with times. We are in the 21st cenutry not 7th century. Of course our laws have to reflect the times we live in too otherwise we would be wearing the same clothes and shoes our ancestors wore and would be ridding donkey carts and living in tents.
    Thank You. Happy Norooz! I hope these things end very soon so that we all can move our economy forward. The era of using one segment of the population as scapegoats by a few narrow minded and power hungry is over. We need to adjust to times and progress accordingly for the revolution to survive and our economy to move forward. The revolution has turned 30. Its not children with guns anymore shooting at everyone. Our leadership has to reflect that in our laws so as to great avenues of progress in keeping with the realities of the 21st century.

  5. sb

    March 11, 2009 9:17 pm

    Dear A H,

    Thank you for your erudite comments. Your logic is devastating, fulsome and lovely. If Iran were to adopt your way of thinking, she would make overnight, six million enthsiastic friends from all over the world.

    Baha’is love Iran! How can we not? The suffering of Iranian Baha’is agonizes us because it means the nation suffers, too.

  6. Ratnam Alagiah

    March 17, 2009 1:37 am

    This is wonderful news that the Baha’is have been released. It tells me that there is still some idea of Justice and fairness in Iran. We have to learn to live with people from different religious backgrounds, on this Earth. No one is impure and unclean or no one is pure and clean. Its a pity that some Iranians still live in the dark ages.


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