Human Rights Violator: Seyed Reza Mousavi-Tabar

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First Name and Last Name: Seyed Reza Mousavi-Tabar


Born: 1964 , Jahrom

Education: B.A. in Judicial Studies from the School of Judicial Studies; Iran’s Judiciary System.

Titles and Positions Held:

Current job/position: Deputy Prosecutor of Shiraz in Revolution Courts (security-related charges) and the caretaker of the Office of the Revolution Court’s Prosecutor of Shiraz since July/August 2007;

Former jobs/positions: Public and Revolution Court’s prosecutor in Jahrom. He resigned to take part in the parliament election but did not succeed.

Witness Accounts of Alleged Violations and Crimes:

He is the deputy prosecutor and the head of the Revolutionary Prosecution of Shiraz (the capital of Fars Province). He is directly responsible for the illegal arrests and ill treatment of civil and political activists; as well as journalists, bloggers, women’s rights defenders and Bahá’ís. He is also responsible for violating the rights of those who have converted from Islam to Christianity. These are the names of some prisoners of conscience in Shiraz who were harassed, tortured, and interrogated in the absence of access to legal representation and due process of law: Zeinab Bahraini (journalist), Masoud Sepehr (political activist), Payam Jahangir (political activist), Raha Sabet (Bahá’í), Haleh Rouhi (Bahá’í), Sassan Taghavi (Bahá’í), Gholamhossein Raeisi (human rights lawyer), and Mohammad Reza Abdollahi Nasab (journalist).

The judicial orders in the notorious No. 100 detention centre are issued or signed by Seyed Reza Mousavi Tabar. In one case, he ordered to keep Raha Sabet, a female Bahá’í prisoner for three and a half years in solitary confinement in the No. 100 detention centre, a male prison.

Supporting documents:

  • Witness testimony of Gholamhossein Raeisi, human rights lawyer and former head of the human rights commission of the Fars Bar Association[1]
  • Two summons issued for Shiraz journalist, Mohammadreza Nasab Abdeollahi:
  • Report dated 27 Shahrivar 1389 (18 September 2010) regarding the arrest and solitary confinement of Raha Sabet and 53 other Bahá’í youth involved in social and educational projects in and around Shiraz:
  • Reporting an appeal regarding the possibility of involving torture in the case of One Million Signature activist, Maryam Bahreman:
  • Report dated 31 Shahrivar 1390 (22 September 2011) regarding the case of student activist, Payam Jahangir and his return to prison:
  • Blog entry dated 27 Shahrivar 1389 (18 September 2010) reporting the solitary confinement of Bahá’í activist, Raha Sabet:

[1] Testimony on file at JFI



What is reflected here is separately verified and confirmed by Ghlamhossein Raeissi, former head of Human Rights Commission of the Bar Association of Fars Province


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