Fariborz Baghi Released from Prison Upon Completion of Three-Year Sentence

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Source: www.bahaicamp.com

Translation by Iran Press Watch

17 December 2017

Based on a report by the “No to Harassment & Imprisonment of Bahá’i Compatriots” campaign, Fariborz Baghi, a Bahá’í citizen from Yazd was released from prison upon completion of his three-year prison sentence.

Mr. Baghi and 16 other Bahá’í citizens were arrested on 31 July 2012, as part of a widespread and concurrent operation in the cities of Yazd, Isfahan, Kerman and Arak. Three more Baha’is were arrested a few days later Yazd. After one month incarceration, all 20 individuals were released on bail.

During August and September of 2013, all twenty of these individuals were tried as a group on charges of propaganda against the regime and activities against national security. Each were sentenced one-to-four-years imprisonment and one-year suspended imprisonment.

The sentences were upheld by the Court of Appeals in April of 2014.  Starting in December of 2014, summons began rolling out demanding report to prison. Some of the summons were sent directly to these individuals and some were sent to their guarantors.


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