Closure of a Baha’i Business in Semnan

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polomp01The following report was posted by Iran Press News on Monday, March 16, 2009, and is provided below in translation by Iran Press Watch:

In a highly questionable legal act, the shop of a Baha’i in Semnan was closed and sealed.

On March 10, officers of the Edareh Amaken [Buildings and Municipality] came to Mrs. Shamil Pirasteh’s store and announced that her store should be vacated in one week and then be sealed, because they had received a warning notice from the Clothing Union of Semnan stating that her store did not qualify [for selling cloths] and that her business license was terminated.

The ambiguity of the legal procedure for preventing from operation and prohibiting the means of livelihood of this Baha’i citizen rests on the fact that for the past five years she had been allowed, legally, to continue her business and no warning had ever been issued.  According to industrial law, there must be a sequence of four warning letters before a business may lose its license and be forced into closure.  In this case, none of these procedures were followed.



[Source:  Translation by Iran Press Watch. The incident was also reported by HRA Iran at with these pictures]


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  1. Nasser

    March 17, 2009 5:35 pm

    Another vile act by Gog and his appointed Magog in Semnan against the Baha’is. These bird brains think by turning off a light here and there, they have the power to sink the world into the darkness of ignorance where they live in.


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