Baha’is are Spies for America and Israel!


akhundEditor’s Note:  The following report was posted on Rasa News online site and is provided below in translation. For one analysis of the conspiracy myths of imperialist activity by Russians and British, now Americans and Israelis, in supposed support of the Baha’is throughout its 165 years of existence, see

A member of the Parliamentary presidency committee has confirmed that judiciary and executive officials would undertake severe confrontations against the underground and secretive activities of the Baha’i sect.

In an interview with Rasa’s reporter in Tabriz, Hojjato’l-Islam Sayyid Muhammad-Reza Mir Taju’d-Dini, a member of the  presidency committee of the Islamic Parliament, “Baha’ism is a misguided sect, given its affiliation with certain enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

He added, “With special support from America and Israel, this sect continues its activities in this country, and recently has become even bolder in the Azari sections of the nation.”

The parliamentary representative of the people of Tabriz, Usku and Azar-shahr remarked on the issue of severe confrontations of the judiciary and the executive branch against the underground and secretive activities of the Baha’i sect, and noted, “Publication of misguided and wayward beliefs is not permissible in an Islamic society.”

Hojjato’l-Islam Mir Taju’d-Dini continued, “This sect has been created and produced by imperialists and primary enemies of Islam.  For this reason, severe and immediate confrontation by the authorities is absolutely essential.”

[Posted on February 20, 2009, at and translated by Iran Press Watch.]


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  1. sb

    March 17, 2009 12:46 pm

    The True, SECRET WEAPON of the Baha’is – BEWARE!!

    Fearless Leader: I recently discovered the true, secret weapon of the Baha’is. Everytime I visit the local Baha’is in my city I am amazed at the cleverness of the Baha’i s . . .

    How well they train their grandmommies! Unbelievable!!

    The tea these ladies serve is highly aromatic . . .(they must put something in it that disarms critical thinking). Then they (suspiciously) bring out platters after platter of bogoli polo, MORE THAN IS POSSIBLE TO EAT IN ONE DAY, causing unsuspecting guests to think they will insult these ladies if they refuse a third and fourth helping!!

    BEWARE!! All that “FRIENDSHIP” and “FEASTING” (both well-known Baha’i occupations) has a numbing effect!! After the meal, the same ladies bring out impossibly small homemade cookies (also suspiciously aromatic) and smile at their guests, bowing and serving!

    It is of some concern that the Baha’i community in this locale appears to be dominated by highly-motivated aging ladies. Sir, they have had a lifetime of training, yet everyone thinks they are harmless!

    Nonsense! They sing off-key and are a threat to the waistline of all true believers!! They don’t take “NO” for an answer. The Baha’i grandmommies look small and cute, but they are tough as nails!! If you go to their houses, you will have to promise to return again and again before they will let you leave!! CLEVER!!

    Their audacity should be studied!! One Baha’i grandmommie I watched was only able to say three words in English . . “I love you”. She repeated it

    After all that food and “bonhomie”, the uninitiated were invited to pray for world peace, brotherhood, unity and humility. HA!! It became impossible to dredge up feelings of revulsion for ANYTHING!! These ladies even praised my reprehensibly bad Farsi.

    I think (burp!) it’s a plot!! Beware, this is a worldwide spy network of Baha’i Grandmommies, they are cooking and spreading their influence . . . EVERYWHERE.

    (Also the Baha’is have the nerve to celebrate Nou-Ruz, the IRANIAN NEW YEAR – all SIX MILLION of them!! Fearless Leader, is this so bad? Maybe instead of the old policy of harrassment we could retaliate with tourist visas and revive Iran’s tourist industry, no?!)

    Eh, Khanoum, kindly pass the gormeh sabzi, kayli mamnoun!

  2. Ali

    March 17, 2009 6:23 pm

    What this Hujjatulislam, Mr. Crown of Faith (Taj’d-Dini) is saying, is that peoples of the Tabriz, Usko and Azar Shahr region have turned their backs on Mullahs because of the bankruptcy of Mullah ideologies. So he is asking the Supreme Leader to allow him to use the Baha’is as scapegoats in his region, so he can retain his income for a while longer. Apprently the Supreme Leader, after letting his life long friend in Semnan use Baha’is as scapegoat to cover his corruption has now other Mullahs knocking on his doors asking for bailouts too. After Baha’is and Jews, it is the Sunnis, then whoever is left alive in Iran. But then what Mr. Supreme Leader? There is no one hiding in the well as you know. People have looked in the well with a flash light and seen it was empty and you can watch it on YouTube too.

  3. FE

    March 18, 2009 4:51 pm

    Somehow Taj’d-Dinis life shows similarity to Abu Jahl ( Father of folly / ignorance) at the lifetime of the Prophet of God in Mecca.

  4. Irani

    March 19, 2009 8:38 am

    This Mullah along with lots of others with power in Iran, I belive, are in fact off-springs of the enemies of Islam at the time of Muhammad(PBUH) and early Islamic era. Their fore-fathers were the ones who murdered imam Ali, imam Hussain, imam Reza ….. They are enemies of Islam and enemies of God on earth. They will not last long I just hope wee see their down-fall soon.

  5. J. Tanha

    March 28, 2009 2:44 am

    “… مقاومت علما چون استقامت پشه بينوا قوت كلمة الله چون صريح صرصرشديد القوي ديگر چه غمي …”
    حضرت عبد البها


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