Second Attack on Darzikola Cemetery

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Translated by Ahang Rabbani

During the early hours of Friday, November 21, once again the Baha’i cemetery at Darzikola came under vicious attack by hired hooligans. Only the vigilant attention of the people of Darzikola and Kafshgar-kola was able to disperse the assailants in a shameful retreat.

In this malicious attack, which once more took place in secret and under the darkness of night at around 5 AM, the attackers had brought three heavy earth-movers and two trucks for this purpose. The people were alarmed and rushed to the cemetery, yet before they arrived, the attackers had managed to inflict great damage to the site.

Pictures and more details forthcoming.

[The above is a translation of on a report by “Sh” from Qa’imshahr and posted by Iran Press News on Friday, 21 November 2008 at: A previous desecration of this Baha’i cemetery has been reported on this site (Iran Press Watch) several times in the past.]


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