A Visit with the 3 Imprisoned Youth in Shiraz


shiraz1Editor’s Note:  The following is a letter by Neysan Mohajer, kindly shared with Iran Press Watch.  Mr. Mohajer’s sister, Shomeys, had an opportunity to visit with the three imprisoned Baha’i youth in Shiraz, and some of her recollections are reflected in this letter.

By Neysan Mohajer

This is a moving account of my sister’s home visit with Sasan Taqva in Shiraz on Sunday May 10, 2009.  Sasan is one of the three youth imprisoned 18 months ago in Shiraz on a 4 year sentence.  He had been home for a week, while the two other youth, Haleh Rouhi and Raha Sabet, went back to prison today May 12, 2009, after a one-week break at home.

Shomeys also had the bounty of visiting Haleh Rouhi (see attached photo) yesterday, May 11, at whose house there were lots of youth present.  These visitors were the youth who had been arrested while performing community service, and then ordered by the court to attend Islamic Education once a week.  Shomeys said she felt she was in heaven among the chosen angels of BahaE2u’llah.  Sasan’s sister, Roya, is also among this group of youth arrested while performing community service.  Imagine how hard it must be for his parents.  If you have not seen the letter Roya wrote to Sasan at Naw-Ruz, it is here: http://www.iranpresswatch.org/2009/04/letter-sasan/

Shomeys has only written the account of her personal experience of visiting Sasan, but not what was said during the visit.  She had an opportunity to hear Sasan speak about his torment and hardship, and learn about how he was doing. But with Haleh there was a large group, and it was not possible to talk in depth.

In the past 18 months these three did not even have a mattress to sleep on.  They had to sleep on the floor — all have severe backaches.  After months of pleading by Sasan’s parents, all three have now been given a mattress only recently.  Sasan, as you know, had a broken leg after his arrest, which is not fully healed and needs treatment.

shiraz2Sasan’s family is originally from Bushihr and lives in a small rented house in Shiraz under impoverished conditions.  Sasan was granted leave from prison for one week after 110 days of not being released.  They are very strict and harsh about allowing them to have a furlough. …

Sasan is confined to solitary confinement, and is not allowed to speak or see anyone the whole day. His daily exercise and fresh air is a half hour slot each day when he is taken to another room which has no roof.  Every time he has to come out of his cell, he is blindfolded.  Sasan said his loneliness was very hard to overcome.

During her visit Shomeys chanted the Tablet of Abdu’l-Baha (attached) during which Sasan was holding back his tears.  When it ended they all cried and wept together.  This Tablet seems as though it w as specially revealed for people like Sasan.  Abdu’l-Baha says a seated lover is better than an itinerant learned man.  She chanted the same Tablet when she visited Haleh.

The three in prison have set aside Wednesdays at 8 pm (Iran time) to pray for each other.  When Shoemys was leaving, Sasan asked her to remember him in her prayers on Wednesday at 8 pm. He said to her, “Dear Shomeys, do not forget to say a prayer for me on Wednesday.  Chant it loudly, so I can hear you from my lonely cell.” He repeated, “I want to hear you…”

I am planning to go to the Guardian’s resting place [outside London] tomorrow, Wednesday at 4:30 PM, which is 8:00 PM in Shiraz. Let’s be with them and visit them on Wednesdays with our souls.

Qurbanat, Neysan


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  1. sb

    May 15, 2009 11:43 am

    Here in the US we also pray at 8:00 PM, every Wednesday. What brave, brave people are the Baha’i youth of Iran.

  2. jabr

    May 16, 2009 11:01 am

    It is not strange why the persons like : Raha , Haleh and Sasan must be in prison. When the ignorance of the people is the cause of power and wealth of clergies , why must they permit the people to become aware ?
    Of cource that seven briliant stars (Yaran-e Iran =Freinds of Iran ) must be in prison . The enemies are eager to stay in power and wealth eternally so there is no way but poorness and negligence of the people.
    Let’ s lift our hands towards the Unique Beloved Master that bless all kind of people in any places of the world.
    And at the end an important duties :Pray & Pray & pray for all of bahais in Iran especially the Prisoners.

  3. sb

    May 18, 2009 10:57 am

    My Baha’i community held a public meeting in February and invited the press. The local paper wrote two in-depth articles about the Baha’is of Iran and the terrible treament they receive. We will hold another public meeting next week and invite everyone to come and pray with us for better times for Baha’is and all of Iran.


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