Anti-Baha’i Section at Tehran Book Fair


21khyknThe 22nd Tehran International Book Fair is currently underway.  This important literary event commenced on May 6 and will continue until May 16.

A section of this book fair is devoted to displaying books against the Baha’i Faith, and some of recent pictures of this booth are provided below.  This section is organized by a group called Baha’i-pashuhi [Baha’i-Research].  They have created a clever website in form of neutral and friendly commentary which is designed to attract Baha’is (

Clearly this effort is funded by the Qom seminary which has had a number of publications against the Baha’is and held various lectures and seminars on the same subject.  Reports from Iran indicate that this organization can’t even give their books away, much less find people willing to read their polemics.



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  1. Irani

    May 14, 2009 10:11 am

    It’s sad and amusing as well. This fresh wave of attacks and harassments of Bahais in particular, and anti Bahai activities is a big signal of the regimes deep and serious concerns. It’s not because Iran masses are turning away from these clerics and their brand of religion it’s because people HAVE turned away. These are just pathetic backward and only way they know to deal with this damage they have caused. Blame it on Bahai’s, take it out on intellectuals and so on. They have hit a brick wall.

  2. ADV

    May 14, 2009 6:58 pm

    This is yet another way to promote the Faith.
    Imagine, the curiosity set in motion by this organization and its literature is a way in which the Baha’i Faith is being taught to those with purity of heart that have not studied the Faith previously due to their avoidance of possible conflict. The Baha’i Faith keeps popping out in the country it was born!


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