Paranoia, Utopianism, and Baha'i Persecution in Iran

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By Robert Christian
Earlier this week, Iran’s leaders canceled a trial set for the leadership of Iran’s Baha’i community, the Yaran.  The seven Baha’i leaders, who had been scheduled for a show trial on charges that could have landed each the death penalty, remain detained without proper legal representation or any regard for their health or basic civil liberties.  Iran’s perpetual abuse of its Baha’i community illuminates many aspects of the current Iranian regime: its cruelty, its capriciousness, its ignorance, its hatred, its paranoia, its insecurity, its delusions of grandeur, and countless other deformities.  Above all else, it reveals the true nature of the regime’s dangerous and depraved ideology.  

The current Iranian regime is driven by a revolutionary mentality and guided by Shi’a fundamentalism.  These two elements, revolutionism and fundamentalism, fuse together to determine how and why the regime acts as it does.  They motivate and shape the nature of tyranny in Iran.  The unrelenting mistreatment of members of the Baha’i faith clearly reveals both elements and their interaction.

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