Warning About Baha’i Population Increase

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[Hardly a day goes by that a vicious attack against the Baha’i community is not published in one of the leading newspapers in Iran — this site will try to bring more of these to the attention of our English-reading friends, solely for the purpose of acquainting readers with the repugnant and blatantly false accusations made against the defenseless Baha’is of that country. One such report was posted on Wednesday, 15 October 2008, at http://www.etemaad.com/Released/87-07-24/103.htm and is shared below in translation. This report caught our attention because like all other paranoid racist groups who cling to an “us-vs.-them” worldview, the regime and its supporters in Iran are advocating a we-need-to-attack-to-stop-“them”-from-overwhelming-“us” phenomenon. Ahang Rabbani.]

The Deputy of Religious Propagation at Qum’s Seminarian School has warned about the conspiracy of some internal sects to increase their presence through higher reproductive rates. He said, “The enemy is intensely interested to take advantage and spread discussion about diverse religious sects. All religions and sects in Iran have become extremely active and are supported to such an extent that it is most bewildering. Their support from outside the country is significant.

According to ISNA News, in his Friday sermon Hujjatu’l-Islam Nabavi spoke of the importance of careful monitoring of the population growth of the nation. He said, “While the overall population is growing at a rate of 3%, some religious sects are growing at a rate of 4%. The danger of their population increase is serious, and this increase threatens the Shiite government of Iran. In fact, some of them have been advising their groups to have more children and have support committees to assist them financially. That is so that, in the political equation, they will be able to exert a heavy weight upon future governments.”

He added, “The other issue is their propagation through teaching. Today, even though the Baha’is are not given any form of recognition, they are increasing in number.”


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