A Seminar against the Baha’i Faith

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On Wednesday, 6 August 2008, the online journal Ayandih Roushan [“bright future”] reported that a seminar was held in the amphitheater of Qum’s Research Center for Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB).  This seminar started at 6 pm and featured Mahnaz Raoufi, who has left the Baha’i Faith in favor of Islam and has published considerable quantity of polemics against the Baha’i community.  More recently, Raoufi has published a book titled Siyihahy Shum, which apparently was the topic of her presentation at this seminar.

While no details of this event was published, several pictures were provided at: http://bfnews.ir/vdchinkjldiljknlnglggfmhjfdgpfhklhlolnekonglicaphfgcabjbmbkbibfocnonebmnhnooedohbhcnlpekolgbjhbibaaokiabenk.html


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