Fired from Work for Being Baha'i

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Human Rights Activists of Iran has published the following letter of a Baha’i employed by Iran National Broadcasting Agency (which is a state-run public broadcasting and presently is known as Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, or IRIB), who was fired from work on account of his religion:

In the name of God.

I, Mahmud Rajabi Ezzat-Abadi, son of ‘Abbas, officially started working for Sounds and Images in Yazd in 1976. After three years and a few months of sincere work in this organization, because my religion was Baha’i, they terminated me [in 1980] in accordance with official policy.

During these long years, I have lived and provided for my family under the utmost hardship.

I implore you to investigate the rights lost to me as a citizen of Iran.

With respect,
Mahmud Rajabi Ezzat-Abadi

Human Rights Activists of Iran goes on to note:

Attached is a copy of a letter dated 14 August 1980 from the Organization of Sounds and Images of the Islamic Republic of Iran [the correct name should be Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting – translator] which indicates that the Commission to Sanitize the Workplace [from Baha’is] terminated this employee.

It should be noted that during the past 30 years, Baha’is have been barred from holding important jobs or working in the Iranian government. Moreover, in accordance with a secret and appalling policy published in 1990, “the regime must deal with Baha’is in such a way that the path to advancement and growth for them is completely closed.”


[The above report was posted in Persian on Monday, 1 December 2008 by Human Rights Activists of Iran at: It was also published on the same day by Iran Press News at: This report is provided here in English translation. Ahang Rabbani.]


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