US Department of State on UN General Assembly calls on Iran to meet Human Rights obligations

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The following is the text of the Press Statement published by Sean McCormack, Spokesman for the US Department of State in Washington, DC, and dated December 19, 2008:

The United States welcomes UN General Assembly Resolution 63/191 adopted on December 18 calling upon the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to fully respect its human rights obligations, and to abolish, in particular, torture, arbitrary imprisonment, and juvenile and public executions, including stonings, carried out in disregard of due process and other safeguards. The resolution also calls on Iran to eliminate discrimination and other human rights violations against women and girls, and religious, linguistic and ethnic minorities. 

This resolution demonstrates to the Iranian regime the resolve of the international community in speaking out when the government of Iran attempts to silence its own people. The international community will not ignore Iran’s violations of the human rights and dignity of its people and its denial of their aspirations for fundamental freedoms.



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