Payam Fanaiyan, an Iranian Baha'i, sentenced to one year in prison

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Payam Fanaiyan, an Iranian Baha’i, sentenced to one year in prison.

HARNA — The sentence of Mr. Payam Fanaiyan, a Baha’i arrested on 13 of Day 1388 [3 Jan 2010] has been reduced to one year by an appeals court.

According to a report by the Committee on Human Rights Reports, Mr. Payam Fanaiyan had been sentenced to six years in prison by the Revolutionary Court of Tehran for allegedly participating in “the observance of the day of Ashura” [a Shi’ite Muslim religious procession].

Payam Fanaiyan
Payam Fanaiyan

Mr. Fanaiyan’s wife has indicated that she will request a conditional removal of the sentence within the next two months.

Mr. Fanaiyan was arrested on 13th of Dey as part of a massive arrest of Baha’is in Tehran, and is currently being held in section 350 of Evin prison.

The Baha’is are a religious minority [in Iran] who have been the object of human rights violations on a daily basis for the last 30 years.

Source: HRA News Agency,

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