Siamak Iqani sentenced to three years imprisonment


HRA News AgencySiamak IqaniHRA News- The appeals court of the province of Semnan upheld the conviction of Siamak Iqani, a Baha’i in  this province.

According to HRA reporters, the provincial appeals court of Semnan upheld the ruling of the Revolutionary Court of Semnan for Siamak Iqani, a Baha’i who lives in Semnan.

According to this ruling, Iqani has been sentenced to three years in prison for spreading propaganda against the government and teaching the Baha’i Faith. Iqani was arrested and held in custody for a short time in Ordibehesht [April] last year  [] and was tried and convicted on Tir 9th 1388 [June 30, 2009] in the Revolutionary Court of Semnan to three years of imprisonment [].

Translation by Iran Press Watch.



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  1. Brooks

    October 12, 2010 9:58 am

    Mr. Iqani has never done anything except conduct himself in a way that would make him a prized and commendable citizen in any country, including Iran. Only Mr. Iqani’s determination not to make a false statement and the provincial appeals court of Semnan’s to see the irregularities in his trial and their willingness to accept without proof the false accusations against him have cost him his freedom. Our prayers are with Mr. Iqani and his dear family.

  2. Ali

    October 18, 2010 9:08 pm

    The shah thought that by persecuting and killing your correligionist in Iran that he could bridge the gap with Ayas and save his regime. Now Aya Khamenei thinks that by doing the same to your coreligionists in Iran that he can bridge the gap between himself and Alatollah Rafsanjani and save his regime even after raiding Alatollah Ransanjani’s $250 billion treasure trust and taking it him for himself. 

    The truth is in Aya land no one cares about what the Holy Quran says about anything let alone “people of the book”. Not even Aya Khamenei cares about the Book.  Or he wouldn’t be kissing the “infidels” in Russia, China, Japan, Korea, India, etc. In Holy Quran, those people still are called “infidels” as their “religions” are not mentioned in the Quran. Just like yours. Even the new and improved 2010 Edition released by the Seminary in Ghom doesn’t include their religions in it. The religion of four ( 4 ) billion + non-Shia, non-Zoroastrian, non-Jewish and non-Christians.

  3. Ali

    October 18, 2010 9:13 pm

    So who are the real infidels?  You and the four ( 4 ) billion + people who are not mentioned in “the book” that Ayas depend on for everything from their drinking water to light bulbs or the Ayas who like Zahak accuse and kill the innocent everyday to live another day? 


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