Search of the house and store of Omid Ghanbari

, , 1 Comment On Wednesday 28th Mehr [20 Oct 2010], coinciding the birth of Imam Reza, eight officers of the Information Office invaded the mobile phone store of Omid Ghanbari, a Baha’i resident of Sari; showing him a handwritten order with no signature or stamp, they searched his store. They would not allow customers entering the store to leave, and several officers stood guard outside.

Sari, Iran, Subsequently they went to his home, and while spouting insults against his religion, proceeded to confiscate religious books and pictures, a computer case and CDs (over one hundred, only a few actuallyconnected to the Baha’i Faith), a Bible, receipts belonging to the store, and the Will and Testament of an 82 year old Baha’i who had given him the Will because he did not have children.

It should be noted that he had been called to the Information Office on three other occasions.

Translation by Iran Press Watch


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