Freedom for Omid Ghaderi, Baha'i resident of Tonekabon


HRA News Agency  RAHANA persian(RAHANA) Omid Ghaderi, Baha’i resident of Tonekabon, was freed last night, after spending about a month in prison.

Tonekabon, MazandaranAccording to RAHANA reporter, on 22nd of Mehr 1389 [14 Oct 2010] several agents of the Information Office from Sari and Tonkabon invaded Omid Ghaderi’s business and, after a full search of his store, disturbing everything, took him to his house; following a search of the house he was arrested. After a short arrest and following a preliminary interrogation in Tonekabon, he was taken to Sari.

Omid Ghaderi was released last night, after spending about a month under arrest.

Translation by Iran Press Watch


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