Release of a Baha'i, Simin Gorji, from Prison


HRA RAHANA News Agency Simin GorjiMonday, 10 Aban 1389 [November 1, 2010]. Iranian Human Rights News Service – RAHANA. Simin Gorji, Baha’i resident of Qaemshahr, was freed upon completion of her prison term.

The Baha’i, Simin Gorji of Qaemshahr, who had been detained for the fourth time on 15 Ordibehesht 1389 [5 May 2010], was freed upon completion of her sentence [news of her arrest was reported here:].

QaemshahrAs noted by a RAHANA reporter, Simin Gorji had been previously sentenced to one year in prison. She had served only 6 months of that term, between Ordibehesht and Aban 1387 [Apr/May to Oct/Nov 2008]. Therefore, on 15 Ordibehesht 1389, she was detained and sent to prison in order to complete her term.

She was arrested for the first time on 12 Mordad 1384 [3 Aug 2005] and freed on bail on 26 Shahrivar 1384 [17 Sept 2005]. She was arrested again on 11 Day 1386 [1 Jan 2008] and freed on 15 Farvardin 1387 [3 Apr 2008]. Less than a month later, on 7 Ordibehesht 1387 [26 Apr 2008] she was arrested yet again; she was in jail in Sari for 5 months and was freed on 8 Aban 1387 [29 Oct 2008].

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