Dismissal of all Baha'i Employees of Achilandoor Company

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HRANA News Agency – While more than two months have passed since the CEO and five employees of Achilandoor Company were detained by IRGC [Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps] intelligence officers, in the last few days, all Baha’i employees and workers of this company in the cities of Tehran and Mashhad have been fired following an order issued by the Intelligence Office of IRGC.

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Iran arrests 'a number' of Bahais

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TEHRAN (AFP) – A number of Bahais who were “promoting their faith in kindergartens” have been arrested, a prosecutor in the southern city of Bam was quoted by the official IRNA news agency as saying on Saturday.

“A number of Bahais who were promoting their programmes under the guise of kindergartens in Bam, Kerman and Tehran were arrested by intelligence agents after nine months of intelligence work,” prosecutor Mohammad Reza Sanjari said.

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