Denial of Education to Vafa Hoveydaie, a Baha’i Student of Amir Kabir University of Technology / Evidence

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Translation by Iran Press Watch

Student Name: Vafa Hoveydaie
Degree: Bachelor – Admitted via Entrance Exam
Major: Physics
College: Engineering Physics and Energy
Status: Account Closed (Deprived of Education)



HRANA News Agency – Vafa Hoveydaie, a physics student at the Polytechnic University of Tehran, was banned from continuing his education after finishing the second semester because of his belief in the Baha’i Faith. Mr. Hoveydaie ranked 2702[1] in physics in the National Entrance Exam in 2016.


According to HRANA, Human Rights Activists News organization in Iran, Vafa Hoveydaie, an undergraduate physics student at the Polytechnic University of Tehran (Amir Kabir), was banned from continuing his education because of his religious belief.

A source close to Mr. Hoveydaie told the reporter HRANA the following: “Vafa ranked 2702 in the Entrance Exam in Physics in 2016. After the end of the second term on May 22 of this year, he visited the University’s website to check his exam dates. He then realizes that his account is closed, and he is announced as a dismissed student – deprived of education.”

According to Article 30 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, all citizens have the right to higher education. Also, according to Article 23 of the Constitution, religious discrimination and prosecution are forbidden, and no one can be chastised because of their belief.

Despite the clear language of the law, according to the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Baha’is – in addition to exclusion from employment in government offices –  are deprived of university or higher education.

Every year, many reports are released regarding Baha’i citizens being deprived of education in Iran’s Universities.[2] This even includes people on the verge of graduation.

The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iran has frequently protested the anti-Baha’i activities and particularly the denial of Baha’i students the right to education during the life of Iranian regime and cites this as a clear example of the Iran government’s neglect of international human rights treaties.[3]


[1] This is considered to be a high rank.

[2] Previous related posts may be found here.

[3] See, for example, reports such as this.


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