A Baha’i Arrested in Semnan


Semnan continues to be a hotbed of anti-Baha’i activity, and many incidents against the Baha’is of that town have been reported in the pages of Iran Press Watch. Iran Press Watch learned earlier today of…

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Bombing the Baha'is of Semnan


Editor’s Note:  The following disturbing report is a translation of a news story appearing in Iran Press News (reference cited below). An unknown group has used explosives to attack several Baha’i homes in Semnan in…

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The Verdict of the Imam Jum‘ih of Semnan

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Editor’s Note: In light of increased attacks on the Baha’i community in Iran and further systematization of these hostilities, the following story from is one of many examples of exhortations by Iranian Shi’ite clergy…

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Update on Raids in Semnan

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Iran Press Watch has learned through its contacts in Iran that indeed on 15 December 2008 agents of the Ministry of Intelligence launched a series of raids of the homes of some 13 Baha’is in…

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